Secure Your Business From Cyber Threats with 360 SOC (Guest Chris Ichelson)

Have you ever wondered if your business is truly safe from cyber-attacks? 

With the growing threat of cybercrime, it's a question that more and more business owners are asking themselves. 
In this episode of Tech Deep Dive, Max Clark founder of, and Chris Ichelson, CEO of 360 SOC, discuss how 360 SOC can help businesses protect themselves from cyber threats. They delve into the complexities of cybersecurity and share practical solutions for safeguarding your business. Take advantage of this critical conversation on how to stay one step ahead of potential cyber threats.

  • Meet Chris Ichelson (CEO of 360 SOC) and Discuss 360 SOC’s Services
  • Preparing to Deploy 360 SOC's Technology
  • Managing Cybersecurity Technology
  • Customizing Cybersecurity Tech for Clients
  • Cybersecurity Investment Discussion
  • Customer Case Study & Insurance in Cybersecurity
  • Enterprise Spending in Cybersecurity
  • Selling to Non-Buyers
  • Microsoft Email Security
  • What Sets 360 SOC Apart from Competitors
  • Target Hack & Cybersecurity
  • Dealing with Unresponsive Customers
  • Staying Ahead of Cyber Attacks: Chris Ichelson's Thoughts
  • Importance of Long-Term Programs & Vendor Relationships.

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Secure Your Business From Cyber Threats with 360 SOC (Guest Chris Ichelson)
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