SharpenCX: Elevating Customer and Agent Experience (Guest Adam Settle)

How can businesses enhance both customer and agent experience to achieve exceptional results?

Join us for an insightful discussion on Tech Deep Dive with host Max Clark, founder of, and special guest Adam Settle, Chief Product Officer at SharpenCX. 🌟

Discover how businesses can achieve exceptional results by enhancing both customer and agent experiences. Adam will unveil the transformative power of SharpenCX in converting data into strategic action. Through AI-driven decision-making and streamlined automated workflows, the SharpenCX platform will efficiently route and record customer interactions across every channel, leading to superior agent and customer experiences.

0:00 - Introducing Adam Settle, Chief Product Officer at SharpenCX 
2:40 - The Journey of SharpenCX
4:20 - Elevating the Agent Experience: Redefining Customer Support
9:00 - Ideal Customers of SharpenCX: Who Can Benefit from the Solution?
10:42 - SharpenCX and Credit Unions
11:43 - SharpenCX and Partnerships
14:23 - Supporting Mobile Interaction with SharpenCX
15:50 - The SharpenCX Solution Turnaround: Streamlining Contact Center Operations
25:17 - Building Customer Loyalty with SharpenCX: The Key Strategies
34:55 - Technology-Driven Agent Experience: SharpenCX's Approach
38:27 - Creating New Customer Experiences: How SharpenCX Empowers Agents
51:00 - Implementation Timeline: What to Expect with SharpenCX Solutions
58:14 - The Exciting Future of Contact Centers: A Glimpse Ahead
1:03:05 - ACR as the Defining Metric: Tracking Success with SharpenCX
1:06:25 - Balancing Customer and Agent Experiences: SharpenCX's Focus

Don't miss this opportunity to dive into the world of customer service technology and discover how to revolutionize your company's customer interactions. 🚀

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SharpenCX: Elevating Customer and Agent Experience (Guest Adam Settle)
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