Unlocking the Power of NextGen Managed Services with Thrive (Guest Eric Hasenstab)

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Don't miss our upcoming Tech Deep Dive with host Max Clark, founder of ITBroker.com, and featuring Eric Hasenstab, Thrive Network’s VP of Client Technology Solutions. 

🎙️Eric will share how Thrive's NextGen Managed Services are built to securely optimize business performance while eliminating internal resource constraints and staffing worries.

Time Stamp: 
0:00 Unveiling Eric Hasenstab: VP of Client Technology Solutions at Thrive
2:53 What Thrive Is and What Solutions They Offer
5:36 Operational Focus of Thrive
7:50 What Is the Customer Journey with You for Microsoft 365
14:50 Thrive and the MSP Landscape: Empowering SMEs
24:16 Empowering SMBs: Tailored Solutions by Thrive
36:10 Delivering Solutions to Clients
49:00 POD Implementation with Thrive
57:36 Smooth Sailing: Onboarding and Offboarding Insights
1:01:21 Exploring Thrive’s Equipment Based Management Services
1:07:09 Beyond the Clock: Unveiling After-Hours Support
1:08:41 Thrive vs. Assure: A Comparative Discernment
1:14:00 Exploring Desktop as a Service with Thrive
1:15:00 Thrive's Global Support
1:16:00 Extracting Key Takeaways from the Discourse
1:17:48 Parting Words from Eric Hasenstab

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Unlocking the Power of NextGen Managed Services with Thrive (Guest Eric Hasenstab)
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